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Why Are Gays Sending Money to this Homophobe to Swear at Them?

Foul-mouthed punk ass scrap named Master Jonas and his bitch sit in a car smoking weed cursing out “all the homo pieces of shit” who are sending him money on PayPal for him to verbally abuse them.  Yeah, you read it right: in our upside-down world of today there are screwballs who actually pay anti-gay […]

Rain on Request — Rain-Making Ionization Invention Could Green Future Earth!

We CAN Make Rain Whenever We Want! Watch This! Rain on Request (Official Website) is a revolutionary Florida company that has developed a system of making rain whenever it is needed.  Several electrical towers that create an ion field which causes the clouds above to rain.  Their invention is already being used in the Middle […]

Site: Worst Things on the Internet

And they aren’t kidding. The Hell?

Boozy, F-Bomb “Lonely Christmas Cards”

Some guy memorializes his new, boozy sister-in-law’s past Christmas cards.

Weirdest “Ugly Sweater” Entry?

Yeah, this is an actual “ugly sweater” with electric bulbs that someone wore/wears.  Imagine the long ass extension cord needed for this getup to light them hot glass bulbs!  An upgrade to battery-powered no-heat LED string lights required!

Creepy Girlfriend Signs, Photographs Boyfriend’s Junk Before He Goes Out [Video]

A jealous, suspicious woman who doesn’t trust her cheating boyfriend actually tells Steve Harvey and his team of psych experts that she signs her name on her boyfriend’s penis — and then photographs it — every time before he leaves the house, and has been doing so for FOUR YEARS. That’s right, darlings, I repeat:  […]

Man Has Beard Preserved Forever in Lucite Block!

A hipster decided it was time to shave his beard off because it scared his newborn baby decided to take extreme measures to preserve it. He had his barber carefully buzz the beard off and then took his shaved beard to an acrylic casting company and had them cover with Lucite in a block to […]

Caucasian Guy Offended By ‘Black Lives Matter’ Slogan (VIDEO)

Self-proclaimed racist says the “Black Lives Matter” slogan has a racist overtone against his race.   He says, “how about “Life Matters” instead. “When you start saying “black lives matter,” as a Caucasian I kinda feel a little left out.”

NASA Reports Extraterrestrial Beings Heading Towards Planet Earth

“NASA officials are reporting what they believe to be, extraterrestrial beings traveling towards planet earth and estimated to arrive here on December 18, 2014. This is the first time in history that extraterrestrial beings have been actually heard and observed via telescope and sound waves. Officials say they have captured sound frequencies of the oncoming […]

Rare Grand Canyon Fog Timelapse Video

Post by Grand Canyon National Park.