Creepy Girlfriend Signs, Photographs Boyfriend’s Junk Before He Goes Out [Video]

Goddamn, people are fucken getting crazier with each passing year. Weird bitch.

Goddamn it.  People are getting crazier with each passing year. Weird chick with trust issues.

Penis-Freaks2A jealous, suspicious woman who doesn’t trust her cheating boyfriend actually tells Steve Harvey and his team of psych experts that she signs her name on her boyfriend’s penis — and then photographs it — every time before he leaves the house, and has been doing so for FOUR YEARS. That’s right, darlings, I repeat:  he’s been letting her sign her name on his dick with a Sharpie for FOUR YEARS — and then takes pictures of it, each and every time he leaves the house! My God…




She claims her boyfriend is so good-looking she feels she has to sign her name on his dick and then takes a picture of it to prevent him from sticking it in other women’s pussinas.  When he comes back home she orders him to pull his dick out and she compares the picture of his dick she took before he left to how his dick looks when he returns home.  She says she does this each and EVERY TIME he leaves.  Imagine, if you will, how many pictures of his dick she’s keeping!  LOL :-)

[Scheme sounds stupid as he can still slip his dick in other females’ snappers despite something being written on it (or even insert it in a guy’s bum if he’s a secret switch-hitter) — if she’s using a Sharpie, which is a permanent, water-proof marker!–Ed.]

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