Daily Archives: December 26th, 2014

Airline Passenger Flipped Out Over Being Greeted with “Merry Christmas” by Flight Attendants

A lunatic who doesn’t celebrate Christmas had to be escorted off an American Airlines flight after he freaked out over being wished “Merry Christmas” by flight personnel. The grumpy passenger, who appeared to be traveling alone, barked at the woman, “You shouldn’t say that because not everyone celebrates Christmas.” The agent replied, “Well, what should […]

Protesters Smash Windows, Loot and Destroy Christmas Tree on Christmas Day

Aren’t you tired of the protesters?  Well, they’re still out destroying in Oakland, California as attention wanes to their cause after a couple of cops were murdered execution style, leaving their children and wives crying in pain.  All it is now is an opportunity for criminals with rap sheets to destroy things and annoy people […]

Girlfriend Stabs Boyfriend’s Skull for Christmas with a Big 12-Inch Knife

Domestic violence attacks on Christmas are not uncommon when families get together and clash, along with “crimes of passion” when lovers don’t get along. But for this man, instead of receiving a Christmas GIFT of love from his old lady, he instead got a huge knife plunged into his skull. Grinning 47-year old Glenda Ann […]

Germaphobe Slugs Elderly Man Who Sneezed Near Him in NYC Subway

The first instinct in problem-solving is to ASSAULT.  Forget using intelligence. Punch, hit, kick, stab, shoot — that seems to be the order of business in today’s upside-down world. Too bad the old man who got slugged for sneezing didn’t pull out a glock. GERMAPHOBE PIG ON THE RUN

Christmas is a Wrap, Time to Toss the Candy Canes!

Re-gifting recap: Christmas is FINALLY OVER.  No more annoying holiday commercials on TV!  No more cheesy Christmas sentiment that nobody really believes in anymore!  No more Hallmark channel Christmas movies!   And would you believe there are people who threw out their Christmas trees right after they finished opening their presents?  That urge to forget […]

Christmas Tree Desecration & Other Acts of Demonic Depravity

Filthy Satanists. And there HE is, already out looking for another person to use a condom ornament on. Pig.  Look at that huge cock!