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Greedy Woman Steals Christmas Packages from Doorstep (VIDEO)

A horrible evil woman had no idea she was being filmed stealing holiday packages from someone’s doorstep.  Now a manhunt is on to catch the thief, who also matches the description of other area package thefts.  ALSO, five holiday package thieves were caught stealing from doorsteps. FAT PIG CAUGHT STEALING MACYS PACKAGE

Parmesan Crusted Chicken

Despite the high fat content (see nutrition sidebar), this Hellmann’s Parmesan Crusted Chicken recipe is actually pretty good and a quick, delicious meal.  Make mashed potatoes (or rice) and steamed broccoli ahead and use a good, non-stick cookie sheet for the breasts.  Make sure that oven is HOT, pre-heated well.  Slip onto middle rack.  Only […]

Cops Ticket Santa and His Sleigh

Ah, the joy of Christmastine…. a time when everyone is supposed to have holiday cheer and good tidings toward his fellow man… “smug” cop writes ticket in 30 minutes to Santa. “My back was turned for no more than 30 seconds. As I turned round, I found a traffic warden issuing me a ticket. The […]

Rent a Christmas Tree

A California company named The Living Christmas Tree Company will let you rent a LIVING Christmas tree for the holidays.  They’re BIG trees in BIG pots. “Our Trees are Alive, in a Pot with their Roots, and Growing. We deliver the tree to you, and then pick it up after the holidays. The tree then […]

Cat-Proof Christmas Tree

Are you serious?


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