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People of Walmart

Parked in the shopping cart area.

Earth Hit By Massive Solar Super Storm Yesterday

If you notice your cable reception breaking up at times (brief picture degradation into digital squares), GPS signal, power grid and radio disruption (static, sound blackouts) that is caused by solar flare activity, not your cable or satellite TV company.  Our sun is at the peak of its 11-year solar cycle right now (known to eggheads [...]

Facebook Rage Over Censored Kangaroo

Penis freaks on Facebook are all in a tizzy because they can’t gape in awe at a reclining male kangaroo’s porn. GET A LIFE, DICK-CRAZED FREAKS! But when Tourism Australia shared an image of a kangaroo, cooly reclined in such a way that left no doubt about its maleness — commenters were livid that someone [...]

Expensive Persian Cat

A scene from an Oct. 1, 1964 episode of “My Three Sons” where Uncle Bub (played by William Frawley of Fred Mertz fame) balks at paying $75 for a Persian cat. In the end, Bub buys the expensive Persian cat as a wedding present for one of the three sons fiance.

Fat Bald Cat

Bull-Gorings and Attempted Horn Sodomy in Pamplona, Spain

Three people were gored by rampaging bulls in Spain during that country’s annual Pamplona Bull Run.  Chalk up one American and two Spaniards to feel the exquisite agony of a bull’s horns going into their flesh!  See the gallery of horror. HOT SPANISH PEE-PEE DINK ATTACKED!  OH, THE AUDACITY! BULL YANKS MAN’S PANTS DOWN AS [...]

Trapped in a Web of Love (Scopitone)

The pages of the calendar flip backward, backward, backward… to nightclub singer chanteuse and TV and movie bit player Joi Lansing, who was Frank Sinatra’s on-again, off-again “floozie” according to this. Lansing died of cancer at age 43. A scopitone was a pre-MTV music video made exclusively for VIDEO jukeboxes of the 1960s. See Dumpsterpiece [...]

Farmer Makes Car Out of Wood

Kid Finds ‘Worm’ in McDonalds Food, Puts It on Facebook to Warn All

When a kid found a slimy bug in his McDonalds grub, he showed it to the manager — who right off began denying and lying as to what it actually was. Now the kid is sick with gastroenteritis, a type of stomach virus.

SODOMY AT HOME DEPOT: From The “I Want to Do the Pussy to You”™ Dept.

Two men engage in a quickie act of sodomy at what appears to be a Home Depot store inside a storage container in one of the aisles… while the store is open — with customers walking around! Shared from reallyoddboy using Embeddlr download/iPhone