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Man Sets Up Camera to Catch Ghost — Films Girlfriend’s Affair with His 16-Year-Old Son Instead!

AUSTRALIA — A man using a video camera trying to catch a ghost in his kitchen forgot to turn the camera off one day and when he later reviewed the footage, he saw his 16-year-old son and his 28-year-old girlfriend of 11 years having sex.  The girlfriend tried to lie her way out of it, […]

Drunk Tried to Have Sex with Post Box

HE YELLED “WOW!” AS HE FEVERISHLY HUMPED IT WITH HIS PANTS DOWN AROUND HIS ANKLES! British rags are reporting with glee the disturbing story of one Paul Bennett who tried to nail a mail box in broad daylight in front of a good Christian woman!  See The Daily Mail and The Telegraph who regale us […]

CESSPOOL NYC: Scumbag Hangs Used, Full Condom on Subway Train Handrail; Giggles and Runs Away

NYC Subway Riders Tweeted Photos of THIS Today A dirty pig thought it would be funny to hang his used condom on the handrail of a NYC subway train. See updates to the story on Gothamist. Who knows what horrible disease(s) are crawling on that thing inside and out?  Afterall, it had to have gone […]


SICKO KILLED BIRD WITH HIS COCK! NWITimes.com:  Michael C. Bessigano, 42, was arrested Friday at his current home in New Chicago on charges of bestiality, killing a domestic animal, and torturing or mutilating a vertebrate animal — all felony charges.  According to the Lake County Sheriff’s Department, Bessigano rode a bicycle to Buckley Homestead on […]

Pervert Fan Drops Pants, Flashes During Channel Nine News Live

Keep your eye to the right of the announcer for the flasher’s flopping schlong.

Would You Like Cream With That?

SEPTEMBER 4– A Minnesota hardware store manager confessed to police that he twice ejaculated into the coffee of a female coworker who told cops that the beverage tasted strange on several occasions, but that she chalked it up to “spoiled milk.” The woman recounted discovering Manager Lind standing over her desk with his back turned […]

Oh Look: Sexy Choking Photos (ADULT)

CRINGE-WORTHY VOMIT… How sick fucks get their nasty genitalia off in our twisted sick upside-down world. Also on “Enjoy Your Life for Satan” where you’ll see sick ass shit like a man punching a pregnant woman’s belly for kicks.

About the Gross Selfies Phenomenon

A series of WTF gross selfies.  See this interesting article by the New York Times, “Ugly is the New Pretty: How Unattractive Selfies Took Over the Internet.” There’s also an article about the Tumblr site: Gross Funeral Selfies on Psychology Today you also might like to peruse, which calls this phenomenon “demonizing technology.”

Rise of Sickos in Europe Wanting Sex with Animals (VICE VIDEO)

Bestiality is having a weird renaissance in Europe, particularly in Denmark. Watch these sick animal fuckers try to convince you their desire to screw animals is A-OK. Wait a second for disturbing Vice video to load below!

Dude, It’s On For LIFE

God I wanna suck this dude’s dick real bad. I want to grovel on my knees using the Grapefruit Technique on him! His tattoo (and hairy armpit) make me so horrrrrrny. Please — MAY I LICK YOUR ALIEN?