Spock Has Died



Leonard Nimoy Dies
Our beloved hero says to you all, “live long and prosper.”
As he steps into the twilight of eternity.
From 1966 TV Guide's Fall Preview Issue on debut of Star Trek
From 1966 TV Guide’s Fall Preview Issue on debut of “Star Trek”

It is with great sadness we announce the death of Leonard Nimoy, age 83, who died today of chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) (lung disease) at his Los Angeles home.  TV Guide Star Trek

Nimoy became a pop culture icon from his Mr. Spock character he played on the TV series “Star Trek” from 1966-69.  After the series ended, he went on to play the character in several classic Star Trek feature films, becoming a national treasure.

See a New York Times obituary and Los Angeles Times and The Hollywood Reporter obituaries.

“By the time “Star Trek” finished its three-year run in 1969, Nimoy was a cultural touchstone — a living representative of the scientific method, a voice of pure reason in a time of social turmoil, the unflappable and impeccably logical Mr. Spock.”

Leonard Nimoy Mr Spock

Nimoy’s co-star William Shatner posted this Tweet on Twitter of Nimoy’s tragic death:

Naked Old Man Eats His Own Excrement on Public Street

SickUnforgettable super sick cringe fringe… from the site, CrazyShit.com… as a naked old man on his hands and knees in the middle of the street sticks his fingers in his ass and eats his own excrement in front of screaming, shocked bystanders in a horrific display of the filthiest act a human being could ever do in front of others.  WATCH FOR THE BABY CARRIAGE ROLLING BY!

Guy in Boston Selling Snow Online


Just think: you could be the proud owner of historic snow straight from snow-overwhelmed Boston, Massachusetts for only $89 (that makes 10-15 snowballs)!  Order NOW from ShipSnowYo.com!  He promises on his website, “for the 6lbs and 14lbs product, your snow is guaranteed to arrive as snow anywhere in the United States!”


Head Transplants Only Two Years Away Says Doctor

Doctor Sergio Canavero.
Dr. Canavero
Italian doctor Sergio Canavero (left) plans to graft a living person’s head on to a donor body in two years’ time. Says full body transplants will become a reality.  “Despite Canavero’s enthusiasm, many surgeons and neuroscientists believe massive technical hurdles push full body transplants into the distant future. The starkest problem is that no one knows how to reconnect spinal nerves and make them work again. Were that possible, people paralysed by spinal injuries could have surgery to make them walk again.”

“The Italian doctor, who recently published a broad outline of how the surgery could be performed, told New Scientist magazine that he wanted to use body transplants to prolong the lives of people affected by terminal diseases.”  Continue Reading…

NEIGHBOR FROM HELL: Think Twice About Moving to New York

A woman spends her time armed with a video camera constantly filming the histrionics of her dysfunctional, foul-mouthed neighbors in Brooklyn, New York.  She writes:

“As I waited out front for the police to arrive, my neighbor attacked me! He grabbed my camera from my hand, the camera was off at the time. I recovered my camera and turned it on. You can hear his “wife” at the top of the stairs yelling “You’re not man enough to punch her in the face.” That’s when he comes at me again for the second time and tries to take a swing at me. All this in front of their 13 year old son.

In another of her “Neighbor from Hell” series, she filmed the cops taking her suicidal neighbor away, commenting:

“Police and ACS showed up around 3pm. Apparently the girl put her baby under her baby daddy’s car as he was backing out of the driveway. She threatened to kill herself and was taken away in handcuffs to the psych ward. Unfortunately the baby was left with the father and grandmother. And as usual they blame me, the father of the baby came out and said “Just wait, you’re gonna get yours bitch, just wait.”

In this one the neighbors from Hell are on a cat hunt, so fearing they would hurt the cat she filmed them in hopes of getting them arrested. During the filming she calls the cops. When the neighbors from Hell notice her filming them they gave her the finger and called her a “fucking cunt” and other expletives:

Customer Demands Refund After Seeing Live Mouse in Burger King

A dimwitted Burger King waitress had the audacity to argue with a customer demanding a refund as a live mouse crawls around overhead.  He should have threatened to call the Board of Health on them.

Get a Load of TMZ’s Chief Harvey Levin’s Rental for $20 Grand a Month!

Fawn and Preen Over the Lifestyles of the Rich & Famous!

For $20,000 a month you get to rent this PURPLE SECTIONAL! Imagine the things you can do on its velvety cushions!
For $20,000 a month you get to rent this PURPLE SECTIONAL! Imagine the vile, sexual things you could do upon its velvety cushions after eating a dozen oysters from the rental’s fabulous marble-countered kitchen!

THE FILTHY RICHAttorney and celebrity reporter Harvey Levin, age 64 (“The People’s Court” and “Celebrity Justice” and his notorious celebrity gossip website, TMZ.com), put his $5.3 million house (one of many he owns) up FOR RENT at $20,000 per month!  Get a look at the inside of the filthy rich TMZ gossip attorney’s “modest home” as seen in a whole slew of photos of the rental built in 1937.  Don’t YOU wish you could pay money-hungry Harvey $20,000 in rent every month for this wonder?

Levins Rental
A simple-looking old house built in the late 1930s… but turned into a lavish playhouse inside fit for Lot’s family inside! Would YOU pay him $20,000 a month in rent?  Close out your 401k and cash in on your life insurance policy TODAY to rent Harvey’s lavish rental!

Llamas on the Loose Becomes Breaking News of the Day

Major cable news networks — CNN, Fox, MSNBC — broke into their news coverage for a pair of llamas running loose in Arizona, being chased by sheriff’s deputies and choppers.  Slow news day, eh?  Here, sit and watch 26 minutes of the breaking news of the day.

Housekeeper TORTURED with BLOW TORCH by Sicko Employers (PHOTOS)

“Say goodbye to your family, because you’re going to die here.”

Tortured Housekeeper
“The guy told her, ‘Say goodbye to your family, because you’re going to die here,’” said the victim’s friend, Oscar Ramirez, who interpreted for her (source video).


Crime Does Not PayA poor, hard-working Latin-American housekeeper working for privileged scum in the cesspool known as New York was held captive for 8 hours by her sadistic employers and TORTURED by them with a blow torch after they accused her of stealing from them, in act of WHITE PRIVILEGE punishment.

“Catwoman” Has Been Turned Into a Dyke by New Female Writer

Dykes on Bikes Gay Pride Parade

Obese Lesbian

Lesbian CatwomanFor 75 years the sexy feline femme fatale criminal “Catwoman” has been Batman’s arch nemesis… and now, catering to SEXUAL lesbian fantasies of men (and women) today, Catwoman has been turned into a lesbian by DC comics.  Well, not a complete Lesbian, for the character also likes men’s penises in addition to vagina (i.e., “bisexual”), carefully making everything all right with both sexes so as not to alienate potential readers, as recognized by the comic strip’s new FEMALE writer of some months back.  See article, Stan Lee Explains Why He Never Made a Marvel Comic Book Hero Gay.

Early Catwoman Batman Comic Book

VIDEO: ISIS Fighters Destroy Ancient Artifacts

Witness the murderous lunatics destroy priceless ancient artifacts worth billions of dollars dating back to the time of Jesus and before in the city of Mosul, the Iraqi city that has been under the control of Isis since June, referred to as “the birthplace of human civilization.” See Homosexual Message Thread about this tragedy.