TRENDING: People Infected with HIV/AIDS are Stamping Themselves with Biohazard Tattoos

HIV Pos Biohazard Tattoo(Left) The HIV Poz tattoo (lots of photos) indicates the bearer is infected with HIV (the virus that causes AIDS). The strange tattoo is in fact a biohazard symbol (see Hazardous Tattoos for more disturbing images).  Another HIV biohazard tattoo is the scorpion, which means the bearer, called the “positive breeder,” intentionally infects HIV negative guys — who plays the aggressive top to submissive bottom men (see actual infection video here and another HIV infection video here, where the “positive breeder” bears the bio-hazard tattoo above his penis) in what is called “Bug Parties.”

HIV Biohazard Tattoo

HIV Biohazard Tattoo

What’s disturbing is that Tumblr hosts numerous “Bug Party” sites by men who are HIV positive  (“Poz is Hot” and “Gay Perv Infected” and “Hazardous Tattoos” and “Sexual POZitivity” and “AIDS Cures Boring Sex“) showing men having unprotected sex bearing this tattoo (see article, “12 HIV-Positive Tattoos You Must See“).

The hosts of these sites actually promote unprotected (known as “bareback”) sex and even go so far as encourage those who do not have HIV to become intentionally infected (called “breeding”) (see actual photos of a man with HIV infecting another with his diseased sperm).   Here is a photo they reblog, promoting the “seeding” of HIV into HIV-negative persons (they call “toxic breeding“).  All of these adult Tumblr pages feature Sleazy Pig characters.

“Another concern that frequently arises during our discussions on the risks of unsafe sex between HIV-infected partners is the possibility of acquiring another strain of HIV, in particular one that might be more aggressive (virulent) or perhaps one that is resistant to antiretroviral drugs.”

Sick Blog promoting "seeding" of HIV virus.

Sick Blog promoting “seeding” of HIV virus.

Some very foolish people who believe what they read on the Internet assume a vaccine that cures HIV is not far off — but this is a misleading news report.  It will take MANY YEARS and numerous trial tests before a cure for HIV/AIDS can be achieved.  Also, persons infected with HIV should not have unprotected sex with HIV Poz partners (see article from, “Unprotected Sex Between HIV Infected Partners: What’s the Harm?“), as they could be reinfected with a more virulent strain of the virus for which current medication cannot control, causing death.

Don’t believe the EVIL that is on the Internet.

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