Expensive Persian Cat

Cult TVA scene from an Oct. 1, 1964 episode of “My Three Sons” where Uncle Bub (played by William Frawley of Fred Mertz fame) balks at paying $75 for a Persian cat. In the end, Bub buys the expensive Persian cat as a wedding present for one of the three sons fiance.

1966-67 Fall Preview on CBS TV, televison’s first COLOR year. “It’s About Time” made by Gilligan’s Island creator Sherwood Schwartz. They used the same island set as on Gilligan, including musical sounds. It only lasted one year.

[ “My Three Sons” was on the air for 12 years and 380 episode were made. It was based on the Walt Disney movie, “The Shaggy Dog.” Frawley’s health declined a short while later and was written out of the show (likely for insurance purposes) and died age 79 in 1966 of a heart attack while walking down a street in Hollywood. The first five years of “My Three Sons” was on ABC filmed in black and white and then it moved to CBS in 1965 where Ernie was adopted and added after the oldest son Mike was written out. In 1967 the family moved to Los Angeles where son Robbie met Katie who he married the following year and the year after that the couple had triplets. After being on the air for 12 years with 380 episodes, CBS canceled it, which angered father Fred MacMurray. But with “All in the Family” on, Sons looked out of date and its ratings dropped significantly.]