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$200,000 Tip Not All It’s Cracked Up To Be

Bartender gets $200,000 tip and tells about it on Reddit, but it turns out it’s a scam as credit card companies don’t honor huge tips like these.

Largest Homeless Camp in America in the Heart of Filthy Rich Silicon Valley (PHOTOS)

A homeless camp called “The Jungle” is reported to be one of the largest in America — and it’s smack-dab in the heart of Silicon Valley — tech capital of the world — in San Jose, California — where salaries are skyhigh and so is living costs, but only for the rich and privileged. While [...]

AUDIO: Richard Nixon Said: “Homosexuality Destroyed the Greeks — Will Lead To The Destruction of US”

A May 13, 1971 audio recording (from The National Archives) of a White House conversation (transcript here) between crooks President Richard Nixon, John D. Ehrlichman, and H. R. Haldeman records the IMPEACHED former anti-gay president trashing homosexuals and “faggy” San Francisco. Nixon’s first reference is to a gay character on the popular TV show of [...]

$1,975 for “Distressed” Designer Sneakers

We bring you herewith the latest “designer” scam.  Anyone paying $1,975 for a pair of dirty tennis shoes deserves what they get.

Walmart Managers Subdue Drunk Employee Who Freaked Out (VIDEO)

REDDING, CA — Walmart managers make a citizen’s arrest and pin down Kevin Pokorney, a Walmart employee, who came to work drunk and threatened his co-workers. Pokorney is seen in the video pinned to the ground shouting foul language while store employees wait for the cops to arrive. [Source link] News story here.

WTF? Maryland Governor Taxes Rain! Angry Citizens Want Him Impeached

Christ, here we go again with another Twilight Zone-ish, too-nuts-to-be true news story from our backwards, upside-down world where wrong is right and injustice becomes justice! Maryland Governor Martin O’Malley, unable to balance the state’s budget, decided to stick it to the people by instituting a ridiculous tax on citizens for the amount of rain [...]

Rent a Closet for $1,350 a Month

WTF?  This person must have mental issues caused by smoking too much crack.  Who in their right mind would pay $1,350 a month to rent someone’s fucking crappy 6×10 closet?  See the Craigslist Ad here.