Largest Homeless Camp in America in the Heart of Filthy Rich Silicon Valley (PHOTOS)

most_disgustingA homeless camp called “The Jungle” is reported to be one of the largest in America — and it’s smack-dab in the heart of Silicon Valley — tech capital of the world — in San Jose, California — where salaries are skyhigh and so is living costs, but only for the rich and privileged.Filthy-Rich

While the overpaid tech giants sip champagne and nibble on Caviar in their mansions high atop the mountains surrounding Silicon Valley, ordinary, decent people struggle to survive in the squalor of “The Jungle” below.

Jungle Creek
A filthy, polluted creek is The Jungle’s water source, where its residents drink, bathe and wash their things. The creek is polluted with farmland pesticide runoff and a host of other TOXIC pollutants (including human waste). A sad statement of the GREED of the PIGS of the tech world, selfish, entitled millionaires earning more than enough money for themselves — who choose not to share a little of their fortunes to help others less fortunate than them.

The article has a big collection of high-res images of the homeless shelters that the victims of the Recession have erected there.  A place called “home” by former techs, laid-off white and blue collar workers, grandmothers, children, the ill and disabled, and the evicted (rents as well as mortgages are skyhigh in the area by greedy land barons) — the innocent ones who fell on hard times living in an area of California that cares little for humanity, and a lot for money, Wall Street investment and tech advancement, no matter what the cost.

A very EVIL and disturbing place of suffering.

Woman Lost Her Business
Home of a good middle-aged woman who lost her business thanks to Wall Street and the Mortgage Banking thieves who caused the Recession in 2008.  Her bank account was drained dry and she had nowhere to go but outside with her dog, daughter and a tent.