Daily Archives: September 12th, 2013

Psycho Bitch Fan Kills Dog Because Music Group Refused to Follow Her on Twitter

A crazy obsessed stalker fan of the British pop group “One Direction” threatened to break her dog’s neck if the group didn’t follow her on Twitter.  Several days later she Tweeted she killed the dog when the band ignored her request.  Her account has been turned off.  See UnRealityTV for details.

Creeped Out Clintons

The Creepy World of Washington, D.C. Hillary Clinton looks furious about something and daughter Chelsea looks annoyed — their facial expressions brought on by the apparent insanity in their political universe in Washington, D.C., a very disturbing town.

$200,000 Tip Not All It’s Cracked Up To Be

Bartender gets $200,000 tip and tells about it on Reddit, but it turns out it’s a scam as credit card companies don’t honor huge tips like these.

New Porn Actress Got HIV in First Film Scenes

A new porn actress says she got HIV after doing 9 scenes in an orgy movie.  After having sex with five men in her first porn scene, Cameron Bay got a kidney infection and was sick for week from the mens’ dirty cocks.  None of the men wore condoms in all the scenes she did. [...]

Richard Simmons Does CREEPY Drag

Richard Simmons drags it up as classic film actress Kim Novak in this creepy picture found on Simmons’ Facebook page.

Creepy Colonel Meow’s EVIL Wheels are a Spinning in this Love Photo

Don’t stare too long at creepy Colonel Meow‘s evil eye mug in his latest love photo, or you’ll become possessed by the devil!