Daily Archives: September 8th, 2013

RETRO TV — Famous Horror Film Stars Together on “Route 66″

Are YOU a fan of classic Universal horror film monsters? Here’s a rare appearance of 1940′s horror film stars: Boris Karloff, Peter Lorre, and Lon Chaney appear on a famous October 26, 1962 “Route 66″ Halloween episode entitled, “Lizard’s Leg and Owlet’s Wing.” The aging trio meet at a Chicago hotel to discuss whether the [...]

Cat Won’t Let Guy Use the Computer (VIDEO)

Cat claws, bites and growls as human Internet addict tries to use the computer, because it is sick and tired of being ignored.

RETRO TV — Ultraman’s Greatest Monsters

Seems the classic 1966-67 TV series, “Ultraman” has long been forgotten in America in this dull and dreary time of TV today. But in the dim annals of decades, after school TV was fun when “Ultraman” came on with its great Japanese special effects. Our hero “Ultraman” was an alien from another solar system who [...]