Daily Archives: September 13th, 2013

Dudes on Reddit Turn Shorts Into Dresses (CREEPY PHOTOS)

Uninterested in Sunday night football, more than two dozen creepy guy Reddit users transformed their oversized gym shorts into form-fitting dresses. They uploaded their vomit-worthy fashion disasters for the world to bash.

STUDY: Public Restroom Soap is Dirtier Than Toilet Water

“It was disgusting,” University of Arizona professor Charles P. Gerba said of the GOJO study, which was published in the Journal of Environmental Health. “We didn’t find any new life forms, but we found plenty of coliform bacteria. I never dreamed there could be so many bacteria in soap.” A team of scientists say the [...]

Creepy Neurosurgeons Resign After Injecting Fecal Matter Into Patients’ Brains

“Let’s inject shit into their brains, that’ll cure ‘em!” Dr. J. Paul Muizelaar and Dr. Rudolph J. Schrot, from the University of California-Davis decided fecal matter was a great way to boost immunity. Their patients, one man and two women, all had highly malignant brain tumors. The doctors decided that injecting them with fecal bacteria [...]

It’s Friday the 13th — A Day of Evil for the Unlucky

Beware of black cats crossing your path!  Don’t walk on cracks!  Don’t walk under ladders!  Toss salt over your shoulder!  Friday the 13th is said to be the most feared date in history.  But why do we fear Friday the 13th? Find out the history of why people think Friday the 13th is unlucky.

Terror of the Cat Men

Terror of the Cat Men is a classic 1952 “Dark Mysteries” horror comic about a beautiful senorita in Argentina, known as “The Cat Woman,” who takes revenge on anyone trespassing on her hacienda high atop Mount Homono where she is hiding a mysterious secret.  [NOTE: On the link, click the pages to read them, then [...]