Daily Archives: September 3rd, 2013

“Sweet Cakes” Is Angry At “Fags” For Making Them Close Their Racist Cake Shop

The Oregon bakery “Sweet Cakes” (a.k.a. “Hatebakers”) who refused to bake a wedding cake for lesbians because gay marriage is “wrong,” claims they were so harassed by “fags” they were recently forced to close shop.  Below is what these so-called Christians put on their Facebook account a few months back (since removed)… and they wonder [...]

Doctors Remove Parasitic Twin’s Brain from Baby

A twin that never formed, except for its brain, is removed from an Indian baby.

Fall Preview TV Guide 2013

Find out all about TV’s new Fall Season 2013, with show news and premiere dates from TV Guide.  

Cat Opposes Peace Sign

Black and white cat gets aggressive at the peace hand sign.

Labor Day Drunkfest is Over

Yay, the tacky drunkfest holiday known as “Labor Day” is over, but what to do with all that leftover party beer?

HA-HA! Rapist Collapses After Discovering Victim Has AIDS!

Richard Thomas, 27, collapsed and had to be admitted to hospital when police told him about his victim’s AIDS condition after he attacked and raped her while the innocent woman was fast asleep on a sleeping pill.  And now Thomas is biting his nails in fear as he waits to see doctor lab results if [...]

Giant Gator Catch

Mississippi’s alligator hunting season started three days ago (Labor Day Weekend) and hunters have already yielded exceptional catch! Don’t miss the 727-lb. gator catch that smashes state records!