Daily Archives: December 11th, 2014

Major Winter Storm Hitting the Sierra Nevadas at This Time

Super stealth force winds 40-70 mph. at my house blowing gnarly, leafless trees to their sides as the area’s biggest winter storm in decades blows in.  Mountains getting a ton of snow and lower elevations pounded with rain.   Really bad outside and worrisome should the high wind snap the branches — which could blow into […]

Christmas Beard Ornaments

Men pose with little Christmas bulbs attached to their hairy man faces on Instagram.  OK, not a big deal, but it’s a weird idea.

Consider “The Best Christmas Lights Display in the World”

The whole block is gonna get a HUGE bill from the power company for this over-the-top Christmas lights display in CaliPornia.

Strip Those Boxers Off! What The Hell’s Wrong With You!

When you pose for a nasty picture to be passed around on gay porn picture sites on Tumblr, at least show what you’re packing! For the Love of COCK!

Really Stupid Motorcyclist (VIDEO)

Some people are plum dumb and crazy — and usually get what they deserve. This is one instance of that karma. Post by 12 News.

All Purpose Seasonings with Filthy Names to Delight Consumers

“Special Shit products complete any cook’s kitchen, and they make great gifts too. Sure, our clever names will make people laugh, but the flavors of our products will surely bring a smile to their faces. We sell our products separately and also in gift sets. Yes, we think it’s a great idea too!”

How Satanists in Florida Celebrate Christmas

Below is The Satanic Temple’s holiday display in Florida, that is displayed in Florida’s state capitol.  Florida’s Department of Management Services officially approved the satanic display for the 2014 holiday season, to be hosted from Dec. 22-29 in the Capitol rotunda. Another shot with The Satanic Temple’s holiday greeting sign about the blasphemy display of […]

Ghosts Photographed

The ghost of a little girl in old-fashioned clothing was captured in a photo a person took in a bar frequented by 1930s mobster Al Capone. While visiting an ancient medieval castle in England, a tourist claims to have captured the ghosts knights with their shield. “When I noticed the figure I was confused. I can’t […]