Daily Archives: December 27th, 2014

They Can Now DESTROY It!

Christmas is over, so LET THEM GO FOR THE GOLD!

The Machine That Eats EVERYTHING

Watch things be destroyed by this marvel of a machine! Post by I Can't Believe It.

Mama Squeezes Sonny’s Zits on Subway

“Turn your head down! Let me get those blackheads!” Mama’s boy beams proudly with his fresh picked face for the family Christmas photo. Everyone gathers for Christmas dinner…

It’s the Most Wonderful Time to be… QUEER!

My God… how did we miss this?

Vandals Leave Slur on the Door of the Gays in Apartment 611

A gay couple came home on Christmas Eve to find their apartment door scrawled with a “faggots” slur — in the cesspool known as New York.  The guys responded by telling their abuser they forgot to use glitter paint.  The slur was dug deep into the wood of their door, likely by a knife. With […]

Remembering Good People Lost at the End of This Rotten Year

As the year comes to a close it’s time for some reflection on the things that happened, which will be remembered when this year is recalled in memory.  I’m releasing this personal, locked-up video I made on March 21, the morning after my long time good friend and roommate died. It’s not a depressing movie […]

Bing Crosby’s Amazing Voice

During the dark days of The Great Depression of the 1930s Bing Crosby was the music industry’s biggest singing star — in fact, Bing has more hits than The Beatles Here are two of his classic hits of the early 1930s. “Did You Ever See a Dream Walking?” and “Temptation.” Listen to his amazing, one-of-a-kind […]