Daily Archives: December 18th, 2014

Super Asshole Verbally Abuses Ugly Whores at Porn Audition

He totally destroys each girl with his vicious, nasty mouth.  A must-see.

IDEA: How About Filling Your Adult Diaper with Anal Douche Water… for a Cheap Thrill?

“Hello, my name is Kevin and this is the blog that my adorable partner and I share pictures of the way we live out our idea of what it means to be an ABDL.” (Adult Baby Diaper Lover) Things GET REALLY WEIRD with a douche bag and the adult diaper… “Omg fun! I filled myself […]

A Very Strange Woman

A naked woman walks slowly down the sidewalk with a bucket on her head and weapon in each hand…

UPS Caught Throwing Your Holiday Packages (VIDEO)

A woman’s daughter filmed a UPS driver throwing and mishandling packages.  The woman says she’s had problems with damaged packages (read her full details on the YouTube link below the video), so she decided to secretly film the deliveries to catch UPS in the act. Story found on the fun Don’t Throw My Package website […]

EUUU! Stores Caught Re-Selling USED UNDERWEAR!

Gross out story of the week from The Today Show’s undercover retail spy.  Hidden cameras reveal used underwear returns placed right back on the rack at several stores, including Walmart, Marshalls and Macys. Dumb ass store clerks even put new tags on the nasty worn underwear right in front of the spy people recording them […]