Daily Archives: December 2nd, 2014

San Francisco Sidewalk Steak (VIRAL VIDEO)

VOMIT-WORTHY:  Restaurant worker caught “tenderizing” meat on a filthy, spit-laden dirty sidewalk up in ‘Frisco.  [Source] “My buddies and I were walking up to the side door to Lucky River Restaurant at 700 Monterey Boulevard in the outer Mission in San Francisco for lunch on Friday, November 21, 2014, and we saw this. Yes, that […]

Bird Bomb: Bird Wearing Antenna With Bomb Attached is Killed (VIDEO)

When police spotted a white bird not native to the area walking along a highway, they noticed it had an antenna and decided to shoot it. The bird was found to be wearing an antenna, electronic devices and explosives.

Three Men in Hot Tub Arrested After Fight Breaks Out Over Who is the Highest Paid Male Whore

After diddling each other’s pee-pee’s in a hot tub at a house one of the men was “dog-sitting” for, a fight broke out over who was the higher paid escort. One of the men then fled the hot tub and snitched to the cops from a neighbor’s house like a little bitch and all three […]

Ferguson Police Chief Vows to Identify and Charge Every Single Looter Filmed by Spy Cameras (VIDEO)

The police chief says his department will go through all the security camera videos of Ferguson protestors to identify and charge them for looting and destroying businesses. Imagine the work involved in that task for a moment. A MUST-SEE

Crazy Crackhead Lady

A woman is filmed flipping out on a sidewalk, inciting giggles from those filming her from inside their car.

“Just Being a Dad”

Cringe-worthy daddy gets his toenails painted by his daughter. [Reddit]

“There Was Semen All Over Me!”

Do you really need this explained to you? Here: addict, model, struggling, trying to become famous, in a private room with a famous guy. Draw some dots for fuck’s sake. “Cosby is a pig and he raped me!  I remember the feeling in my vagina and my anus… I’ve not been the same since.” Yes, […]

Psychic Cat Predicts Deaths

“Oscar, the Psychic Cat” lives at a nursing home and when he visits and stays with a patient, it’s a sure sign that patient will die within a few hours. If the patient’s door is closed, Oscar waits before it until it is opened and goes in — sometimes he will sit on a windowsill […]

Oh Great. Just What We Need in the White House: Somebody from FLORIDA Running the Country!

Of all the idiotic, upside-down world news… another Bush in the White House — and a governor of America’s weird news state: Florida.  I swear to God, headlines like these make me think I’m living in some twisted Twilight Zone episode; a nightmare that never ends!  Day after day reports of senseless, ridiculous people doing […]

Bread Lamps: A Must-Have Home Decor Item

Actual loafs of bread are covered with resin and turned into LED light fixtures.  Just have batteries on hand to enjoy the wonder of bread loves serving as lamps in your home! “I love bread. Bread is cute. I want to display it in my room and stare at it.”