Daily Archives: December 14th, 2014

PIG Steals Old Man’s Tablet on Subway Train (THEFT PHOTOS)

IT’S THE SEASON FOR GIVING… AND TAKING! — When an old man exited a BART subway train in the San Francisco Bay Area, a thief stole his Tablet.  Despite other passengers trying to help, the thief got away, but not without being photographed for police by passengers.  WTF, people?  Why aren’t you carrying PEPPER SPRAY?  […]

Dean Parker’s Annual Christmas Lights Display in Sparks, Nevada

Dean Parker’s Christmas light display at 290 Omni Drive, Sparks, NV. Tune into 89.9 FM to listen to the synchronized music as the light show happens! Dean does this every year, last year’s light count (see video below) was 45,000!

Angry Walmart Shopper Squirts Glue on Parking Spot Rival’s Car (VIDEO)

HOLIDAY SHOPPING JOY — A woman who shouted at a mad dog who stole her parking spot at Walmart discovered he had squirted Elmer’s Glue on her car in revenge.  All police have been called on the manhunt to find the angry Elmer’s Glue vandal. HOLIDAY CHEER NOT Sperm — It’s Elmer’s Glue!

HOLIDAY GIFT TIP: The Silencing Slider

One of the best-selling products of 2014: The Silencing Slider! Want to shut up that BIG MOUTH in your universe?  On Christmas Day, strap the Silencing Slider in their big fat loud mouth and enjoy NOISE-free peace and quiet.  Makes a GREAT STOCKING STUFFER. STUFF A CHEESE BURGA IN THEIR HOLE FOR $49.99 A thought-provoking […]

Numbskull Christian Asks Gay Bakeries to Make Anti-Gay Cakes For Him

Anti-gay Christian activist Theodore Shoebat films his speaker-phone calls to gay bakeries asking them to make an anti-gay cakes for a pro-traditional marriage event. Enjoy the responses the gay bakeries give for refusing to make anti-gay cakes he’s requesting.

Butthole Eaten at Lions Tailgate

A pre-game snack in the parking lot in broad daylight. Imagine his stank breath during the game. Deadspin writes: “The reader who sent this photo along says he saw this butthole eating in the parking lot of Nemo’s, a bar near Ford Field. Kickoff’s at 4:25, so these fans have plenty of time.”

GROSS! Mama June Offered $1 Million for Sex Tape!

Who in their right mind would want to watch trailer trash frau Mama June do porn? A sleazy porn company named “Vivid Entertainment” is actually offering Mama June, who got kicked off TV for dating a convicted pedophile child molester, one million dollars (said in Dr. Evil’s voice) to film her getting nailed.  Imagine that […]

CLASSIC CHRISTMAS TORTURE: Andy Williams Sings “The Most Wonderful Time of the Year”

Time warp back, back, back to the mid-1960s when the great singer Andy Williams sang his smash hit, “The Most Wonderful Time of the Year” on TV… breathe a sigh of relief, Millennials, it’s IN COLOR.  Andy is most famous not only for his wonderful Christmas songs, but for the song “Moon River.” [Millennials, an […]

Polar Bear Chases Man Around His Car — The SHOCKING Photos!

Black Bear Heaven writes: “From Barrow, Alaska. A photographer got careless and let the bear get too close and he did not have time to get into his truck before the Polar Bear started chasing him around the truck.”  See the shocking photos here.

Jaw-Dropping Birthday Cake Candle Invention

Your jaw will drop as you gape in awe at this wondrous candle invention for birthday cakes.  The invention changes everything! Birthday candle pic.twitter.com/bOscAHTx1j — Perfectly Looped (@PerfectlyIooped) November 12, 2014