PIG Steals Old Man’s Tablet on Subway Train (THEFT PHOTOS)

Subway Tablet Thief1

And old man struggles with a thief who grabbed his Tablet on the subway — while everyone stands around letting it be stolen.

Santa ChimneyIT’S THE SEASON FOR GIVING… AND TAKING! — When an old man exited a BART subway train in the San Francisco Bay Area, a thief stole his Tablet.  Despite other passengers trying to help, the thief got away, but not without being photographed for police by passengers.  Crime Does Not Pay

WTF, people?  Why aren’t you carrying PEPPER SPRAY?  One toot in the crook’s mug and the Tablet would have been recovered!  Fuck, people act like helpless sheep!  Why not just lay down and throw your fucken legs in the air and let the criminals of the world assfuck you?  Where is your humanity?  I would have run up and sprayed that fucker square in the face with my trusty ‘lil can of pepper spray I carry with me everywhere.  That’s what it’s for!  That punk just walked in there and took somebody’s shit and casually walked off — with all those crowds of people standing around watching him get away with it!

How about throwing something at him?  How rushing up from behind him and bashing the crook over the head with your laptop or briefcase?  How about lunging into him — knocking him down, or tripping his ass flat on the floor, then kicking him in the face with your fucken heel to hold him at bay for security?  Where’s humanity’s fighting spirit?  I think we need to start carrying guns again like everyone did in the days of the wild west.

The cops will likely catch him — no doubt his mugshot is in their computer from prior arrests.  But he’ll likely unload the Tablet before that for cash.  Let’s hope he spends Christmas in a nice cold jail cell.  Happy Holidays!


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