Daily Archives: December 21st, 2014

Decorating a Christmas Tree with Cats Around!

Cat guy can’t keep his orange cat out of the Christmas tree installation.

Psycho Santa Scare Prank (VIDEO)

Bystanders unaware they’re being pranked, flee in unspeakable horror as they observe Santa Claus committing horrible crimes! The clip, posted on YouTube by the DM Pranks collective, also features Psycho Santa hacking a homeless man, planting a bomb on a car and seemingly ‘killing’ a man with a shovel.

Protesters in St. Louis Shout “Pigs in a Blanket” After Two NYPD Cops Were Shot in their Car Execution Style (VIDEO)

Listen to this piece of human swill protester cheer and taunt cops about the cowardly double murder of two NYC cops by some protester NUT out of Baltimore.  NYPD is monitoring social media for death threats against cops, so lets hope they catch up with the mother fucker in the video.  The two NYPD cops […]

Neighbors Feel TERRORIZED by Man’s HOSTILE Christmas Decorations Display!

Neighbors went on ABC TV’s “20/20″ to say their neighbor Bill Ansell is terrorizing them year round with his hostile anti-Christmas spirit.

Nut Records “Crazy” in Recording Studio

A fat lunatic re-records the old Patsy Cline song, “Crazy” in a recording studio, his madness freaking out the guys behind the glass to the point they started to call the cops for help, but instead got on the phone to get the nut “a record deal.” Yet another wonder of our backward, upside-down society… […]

MUST SEE! Cats Attacking Christmas Trees!

Those little devils!  A great compilation of videos showing crazed cats destroying Christmas trees, heh-heh!

Pro-Slavery Ohio Police Officer Quits When He’s Caught Wishing For All Blacks to be ‘Exterminated’

Aaron McNamara, a black-hating, gay-hating student volunteer cop was caught mouthing off in rant videos he posted to his YouTube channel expressing his hatred towards minorities, calling them “jungle monkeys” and “spooks” and using the n-word, of course. He also used the “faggot” slur when complaining about “troublesome gays.” McNamara’s BIG STUPID MOUTH got him […]

Monster Bear Chases Mountain Biker Wearing GoPro Camera (FACEBOOK VIDEO)

Scary action filmed by a GoPro video camera worn by a bicyclist riding on mountain forest paths.  A huge bear chases after him and it becomes a run for his life… OR SO IT SEEMS. Post by Murfreesboro.com.

Christmas Angel Sighting

I couldn’t believe my eyes. I rubbed them with clenched hands. Yet there the Holy apparition was — a Christmas angel! BELIEVE IT… OR NOT!