Daily Archives: December 17th, 2014

Home of the Future

An anti-social tree-hugger’s wet dream: home INSIDE a rock. See the inside photos and there’s even an exciting video about the rock home. Imagine: You’ll be protected from radioactive fall-out in there! Yippee!

Insulate Your Fridge For Winter

You don’t want all that EBT card food to spoil should the coming Winter snow cause the power to go out, right?  Right. “Fascinating,” said Mr. Spock

Mystery Creature Washes Ashore in California After Storm

“The unidentified beast has left residents baffled and no one has been able to identify the species of animal found on the shore nor do they know where it came from.” [Read here]

Paying to be Lied To

[Young Cash Alpha says: "22 year old Alpha who hates faggots! Send me fucking tributes you sick and disgusting faggots!"]