Vandals Leave Slur on the Door of the Gays in Apartment 611

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Our Sick WorldA gay couple came home on Christmas Eve to find their apartment door scrawled with a “faggots” slur — in the cesspool known as New York.  The guys responded by telling their abuser they forgot to use glitter paint.  The slur was dug deep into the wood of their door, likely by a knife.

I Love Guns

With all the anti-gay and racist hate going on in our sick society it’s no wonder people are buying guns to protect themselves from the nutjobs loose on the streets.  Do you blame them?  We don’t feel safe!  Shoot to WOUND, not to KILL.  That way they live to have their day in court to answer for their crime.  Example: A burglar caught inside home on Christmas morning got his ass shot with a shotgun by the homeowner.

[Here’s the source Reddit link.  See NY Daily News for the full story on this bullshit.]

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