Janice DICKinson Complete Meltdown (VIDEO)

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“I can’t breathe because of Bill Cosby!” – Janice Dickinson’s histrionics on Nancy Grace’s show goes viral.  Comments by viewers are mostly negative, saying she is not credible and calling her nuts (see the comments here, scroll down).

“Fuck you, Bill Cosby,” Dickinson shouted, going on to explain that the comedian once called her on the phone to tell her she was a “tacky bitch.”

“I’m not a tacky bitch, Bill Cosby is a tacky rapist,” screamed Dickinson.  [Source]

Proof her story is not credible:  In the video below Dickinson says Cosby promised her a job on the Cosby show and that’s why she went to the hotel with him (jump to pos. 4:54 in the Nancy Grace video here).  That’s a lie right there because The Cosby Show WAS NOT ON THE AIR IN 1982 when the rape allegedly occurred.  The Cosby Show started in 1984!


[Dickinson claims Cosby raped her vagina and anus after she swallowed a little knock-out pill he gave her for menstrual cramps way back in 1982. Dickinson claims to have taken instant Polaroid pictures of Cosby before she “blacked out.” And says she woke up with a sore pussy with cum oozing out of it. She says she grabbed her shit and got to Hell out of the Lake Tahoe hotel room where Cosby was staying.  She has hated Cosby ever since for fucking her without permission.  See Gossip Cop for more, plus meltdown video.]


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