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“F*ck Your Ginseng!” Watch San Francisco Tour Guide’s Racist Chinatown Rant Before She GETS OUT OF TOWN

German tourists film a tour guide in San Francisco going off on a foul-mouthed racist rant against the city’s Chinese population on her last day of work, KGO reports.  And as she delivered her filthy racist rant, passengers on her tour bus APPLAUDED HER. This Bitch Has a Real Gutter Mouth “F*ck your preschools and […]

Psycho Bitch Attacks Guy for Flying Drone on Beach

Andrea Mears, 23, called the cops, then attacked a man for flying a drone on a public beach in Connecticut.  Watch her grab and tackle him, rip his shirt and punch him — all on video.  He’s just an innocent drone hobbyist kid who had an encounter with a real fucked up lunatic control freak […]

FLORIDA Woman Reveals How Psycho She Is, Then Attacks Her Ex

Some dumb, PUSSY-WHIPPED guy talks with his crazy, cold-hearted user ex in the car, records her.  She admits she lied and used him for a year because she didn’t want to be alone and admits she screwed other men and took sex photos with Steve, Bryan, Randy, Paul and other guys while leading this guy […]

Here’s How to Get a Parking Spot for After-Christmas Sales

At first it looks like she is simply going to drive off, leaving the men in the car watching her to drive into the space she leaves behind. But then she stops and gets out. Watch what happens next. Turn Volume Off On This One

Package Thief is Filmed in Seattle, WA

A rotten female thief takes packages from the steps of a home in Seattle, Washington.  Article: Package Thieves on the Hunt. “Many package thieves follow delivery trucks as they enter a neighborhood and wait for items to be dropped off on a front porch or near a front door when the resident is not home […]

Old Woman Fires Shots at Kids in Car — Because Nobody’s Allowed to Turn Their Car Around in HER Driveway

These are the kind of SILENT MANIACS WITH GUNS residing quietly in their homes across America… nutters with short fuses just itching for the chance to use their guns to enforce their will over others. In this incident, a silly old paranoid control freak ran and grabbed her gun when a car full of CHILDREN […]

New TV Show: “Karma’s A Bitch”

On the new Discovery Channel TV series Karma’s a Bitch, scorned ex-wives take their revenge on their cheating husbands.

Roommate Practicing Giving Birth

TURN SOUND UP –Roommate likes to practice giving birth “for fun.” Shared from bullshitville using Embeddlrdownload/iPhone

Dog Screwing Dope Fiend Arrested for “Open or Gross Lewdness”

In Las Vegas, neighbors called cops as they witnessed a weird chick having sex with her pit bull in her backyard.  But when cops arrived, the woman kept on molesting the dog. When cops arrived at the scene they found Kara Vandereyk “naked and on the ground,” engaging in an unspecified sexual act with the […]

Wife Destroys Husband’s Penis with Boiling Water

Yolivel Lopez allegedly tipped the scorching liquid on top of Nefer Netan’s private parts after receiving a call from his mistress saying they had just had sex.