NYPD Arrests More Than 60 People Protesting Freddie Gray’s Death Tonight


Peuuuuuu! Not exactly “tea-bagging” — wonder what you call that move? I hope the poor protester didn’t get a whiff of any sweaty man butt smells or farts during his hog-tying procedure. No wonder Freddy Gray got his neck and spine broken! [Use this Twitter link to see all the protester arrest photos and stories.  The NY Daily News has video of the arrests.]

Look at that. A gray-haired old man is carried off by the goons in blue. Seriously? NY just had to disrupt the protest held there, when none were hauled off in Baltimore at the same time. From FOX News:

Old Man Arrested Freddie Gray

Gray-haired old man “a threat” according to NYPD goons.

Bystanders protesters CURSE the NYPD as they haul all these innocent protesters off!

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