Furious Wife Smashes Cheating Husband’s Car with Bare Hands (VIDEO)

While her cheating husband cowers inside the car, his angry wife smashes the windshield with bloodied hands, screaming at him for being a cheater.  [Thanks to [DudeComedy.com for the entertainment.]

Read description/info below!

YouTube description:

“The woman pulled away at the car windscreen glass with her bloodied fingers while her terrified husband sat inside the vehicleA scorned wife smashed up her husband’s car with her bare hands after claiming she discovered her partner was having an affair behind her back.

In the footage, the woman is seen repeatedly hitting the car’s windscreen with a brick as she attempts to smash the glass.

She then pulls apart the shattered windows using only her bloodied fingers.

Moments later, a man’s face can be seen in the driver’s seat before he gets out of the car and tries to talk to the woman.But rather than listen to what her partner has to say, she screams in his face before landing a hard slap on his cheek.

The woman then accuses her partner of having an affair while hundreds of onlookers watch in astonishment, according to Chinese news reports.

The clip was filmed in Nanjing, a county in the Jiangsu Province of China, although the identity of the man and the woman remain unknown.

Last week, a woman decided to exact a different kind of revenge on her cheating partner – by uploading a video of herself naked with another man.

[If YouTube removes it, search Google using video’s original title, “Watch furious wife smash ‘cheating’ husband’s car with her bare HANDS after discovering ‘affair’.”]

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