President Declares Flood Disaster in Texas (VIDEO)

uh-oh!Obama signs Texas disaster declaration…

LOOK at this disturbing flood footage happening in Texas, especially notable are all the cars backed up on a freeway that turned into a lake! Video declares number of deaths and more info about the disaster. There’s more interesting footage on The Weather Channel website, with video about SNAKES coming out from the flood biting Texans who walk in flood waters! Texas floods: Enough rain fell in May to cover entire state 8 inches deep (see CNN story here).

“Consider this a cautionary tale for why it’s a bad idea to walk around in floodwaters.”

Snakes in floodwaters of Texas! Don't walk in floodwater!

Snakes in floodwaters of Texas! Don’t walk in floodwater!
  “As the water rose, snakes and alligators suddenly had a lot more room to move around, and some have come right into neighborhoods where they’re not welcome.”

Little Girl Rescues Kitten from Storm Drain!



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