Russia Mad at U.S. Rock Band “Bloodbath” After Band Member Wiped His Ass with Russian Flag (VIDEO)



Offended Russia has called  the U.S. rocker band “Bloodbath” criminals and has labeled them a hate group after a band member stuck the Russian flag down his crotch on stage, then pulled it through wiping his ass with it.  He then tossed the desecrated flag into the audience for them to sniff.  Russia wants the band caught for their crime and put in a Russian PENAL COLONY for five years!

“Don’t tell Putin,” Rocker said before he wiped his stinky crotch and ass on the Russian flag!

So now it’s OK to defile another country’s flag, but when an American flag is defiled all hell breaks loose. Stupid move, Bloodbath.  No matter what reason, treating ANY flag that way is unacceptable.  A flag represents brave men and women who gave their lives fighting for their country.

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