Extraterrestrials Have Been Shielding the Earth from Solar Flares Due to Our Second Sun

The Second Sun (Click for More Photos)Oh, did you know there is a “second sun”? Funny, but I only see one sun in the sky like the rest of humanity.  Guess I need to have an eye exam!

However, according to the guy in the video below from the conspiracy site ExoPolitics.com who states very matter-of-factly there is a “second sun approaching” and goes on to say (for 30 minutes) that space aliens have been protecting the solar system from the sun’s current massive solar ray flares (SpaceWeather.com) (as it reaches the peak of its 11-year solar storm cycle) by intervening to shield the earth from coronal mass ejection (CME) impacts that are being CAUSED by the approach of this new “second sun.”

Once again, we must thank the aliens for saving mankind (even though we don’t have a shred of evidence).

WILD Stories Ahead…

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