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Mother Receives Anonymous Letter from Scary Nut Telling Her to Kill Her Autistic Son

A hate-filled letter received by a family in Canada telling them to move out of the neighborhood or euthanize their autistic son has gone viral, prompting a flood of support for the family.  The Family posted a photo of the letter on their Twitter account. Whoever sent this letter may also be the same person [...]

Subway Vermin

Slob, no better than an animal, couldn’t wait to use the restroom and defecated on the subway seat. See Awkward Transit.

Don’t Stick It In Crazy™

Involvement with a Control Freak Harpy Is Turning Men Gay Here are orders by Crazy (click to enlarge):

Why Vegans are “Most Hated”

Food-obsessive, entitled Vegan chick writes a long note to her meat-eating “carnivore” roommate demanding he change his diet (the word “me” appears a lot): “I can no longer tolerate seeing meat, eggs, dairy, honey, or any other products from animals in our kitchen or anywhere else in the apartment.”

Crazy Paranoid Chick Strikes Again, Confronts Coughing Guy

The crazy paranoid chick who, armed with her video camera, confronts postal workers accusing them of stalking her we brought to you yesterday, is at it again on the streets bothering people.  This time she goes after some kid on the street accusing him of coughing at her, demanding he give his name on camera.  [...]

Crazy Woman on YouTube Thinks All Postal Workers Are Stalking Her (4 VIDEOS)

Some sort of crazy paranoid woman calling herself Stalked in Boston on YouTube confronts a mailman in his truck and accuses him of stalking her. He says she’s crazy. She has been accusing not only postal workers of stalking her, but she has 50-something videos of other people (including her apartment management janitor (watch here)) [...]

Man Orgasms Every Time He Hears James Bond Theme

A Canadian dude suffering from a medical condition called “synesthesia” caused by a stroke says he has “heightened sexual sensations” whenever he hears the theme to James Bond movies.  He did not elaborate on which Bond movie gets his prick off, since each one has a different theme song, but it is believed to be [...]

NGC’s “Taboo”: Man Who Thinks He’s a Dog

If you’ve never seen the “Taboo” show on National Geographic Channel (NGC) you’re in for a disturbing treat.  Crazies with all sorts of weird obsessions are made stars, including one guy who thinks he’s a dog named “Boomer,” shown sleeping in a dog house and on his hands and knees eating wet dog chow from [...]

The Most Annoying Bitch on Earth

A foul-mouthed woman in Florida with apparently too much free time on her hands to obsess over not getting a receipt from a doughnut shop, confronts them the next day with her video camera. She (her identity revealed here) goes in there mouthing off, threatening them, then says she should get her order for free [...]

Woman Eats Baked Potatoes ONLY — Phobia of Other Foods!

Claire Jones, 23, has eaten her way through more than 13,000 jacket potatoes – because she has a phobia of almost all foods.