The Most Annoying Bitch on Earth

People Who SuckA foul-mouthed woman in Florida with apparently too much free time on her hands to obsess over not getting a receipt from a doughnut shop, confronts them the next day with her video camera. She (her identity revealed here) goes in there mouthing off, threatening them, then says she should get her order for free because she didn’t get a receipt, taking advantage of their receipt policy. pigFeeling empowered when told she won’t have to pay, she starts to order a bunch of stuff she thinks she’s getting for free while trying to intimidate employees with her video camera saying she’s recording for Facebook over and over again, all the time continuing to mouth off to anyone who will listen.

What a pig. All this just to get free food from a doughnut shop.  Get a job.

Near the end of the video, Miss Entitled confronts the employee she’s been calling a bitch, saying to her:

“Well guess what.  This is about to go live, bitch.  Right on Facebook, because I posted what your dumb ass did last night.  So I hope you’re happy with your little fucking sand nigger self, because I’m about to nuke your whole planet from Mars.”

Lady Goes Crazy In Dunkin Donuts Over Receipt – Watch More Funny Videos