VIDEO: Son Brutally Stabs Father Numerous Times in Street, Bystanders Walk on By

Our Sick WorldTwo weeks ago in the country of Turkey, a 20-year-old son catches up with the father who abandoned him as a child, by sneaking up on his father as he walked down a street and stabbed him numerous times with a BIG KNIFE — all captured on video. What’s even more disturbing is bystanders witness the stabbing and do nothing. They come and go as the man lies bleeding to death in the street, showing no morality or respect for human life.

The murdering scum of a son was thrown in jail for life.

Mexican Priest Wearing Comic Book Robe Sprays Congregation with Holy Water Gun! WTF?

Holy Water Gun
The Holy Water Gun in use.

Father Humberto Alvarez of his Ojo de Agua church in Saltillo, Mexico, slips on his robe bearing images of Superman, Batman and Spiderman, and sprays his followers with Holy Water with a big water pistol gun. VERY unorthodox method! LOL

World’s Most Insane Rope Swing Ever Recorded (MUST SEE)

Complete lunatic jumps off a cliff tied to a rope and swings around over a deep gorge. What’s even worse is he tries to push his girlfriend off the cliff, but she refuses and they break up in this Behind the Scenes video of the madness.

Crazy Chick Eats Deodorant

Latest weirdo from “My Strange Addiction” TV show that makes stars out of unfortunate people with obsessive-compulsive disorders for your entertainment needs.  This one is about a New York woman who EATS DEODORANT and can’t stop. She eats 15 sticks of deodorant a month; a half-stick per day. She’s been eating deodorant since she was 8 years old.

BONUS! Watch this weirdo DRINK HER PEE.

Craigslist Crazies: Looking for Someone to Remove a Mole from My Back with Nail Clippers

SickLike we keep saying, there are a LOT of crazy sickos running loose out there doing detestable things — especially in the cesspool of human swill of New York.  Here’s the link to the sick ad (see screen cap after Craigslist removes ad).  At the end of the disturbing ad, the sick pervert says, “Will there be blood? Yes, but a manageable amount. I don’t have any STDs that I’m aware of.”

How reassuring, eh?

“I would like someone to remove a mole on my back. I show up at your place, we go over what I want done, and you remove the mole and bandage me up. See the pic, but I’d want two deepish cuts on either side of the mole using nail clippers. There’d be about a 5 second window after the first cut before blood starts coming out, so you’ll have to move fast on the second cut… and that’s it!”  Keep reading ad.


Man Jumps Off Bridge, Nobody Notices (4-Photo Shocker)

As pedestrians exchange trite conversation while posing for pictures on a foggy bridge, a man jumping off to his death goes unnoticed.  Over 1,300 comments about these images on Reddit.

Bridge Jumper

Congressman ATTACKS Fox News Reporter

Watch Congressman Keith Ellison DESTROY obnoxious Fox News reporter Sean Hannity, calling him a bad journalist and a liar.

“Quite frankly, you are the worst excuse for a journalist I’ve ever seen.”

Filthy Rich Pay $1 Million for a Cabin on the New Titanic II Cruise Ship

The filthy rich, with money to throw away despite these hard times of the Recession, are offering $750,000 to $1 million for a cabin to be the first passengers on the Titanic II’s first cruise, says the billionaire builder of the ship in this interview.  Titanic II to set sail in 2016. Lets hope the Titanic jinx history won’t repeat itself. That water is cold and kills within 10 minutes of contact.

Enquirer’s Latest OJ Attack Cover

LIE TO USAs reported earlier, The National Enquirer posted a story alleging OJ has turned gay in prison.  Now, in the Enquirer’s latest conspiracy against the fallen NFL idol (who held Super Bowl party in his prison cell recently), they’re spreading this new lie about him being attacked and STABBED with a SHANK in a prison riot in his Lovelock (giggle) Correctional Center in Nevada (not that we sympathize with Simpson) — THAT NEVER HAPPENED.

OJ Enquirer War