Human-Sized Bird Nest

Go to for exciting details on how to have your very own human bird’s nest to lounge around the housey in. Why? Because it makes you special, that’s why. PRICE TAG? It’s specifically for the filthy rich willing to spend TEN THOUSAND DOLLARS ($10,000) for the 16-person one to “find your space and socialize with others in.” Or, if you’ve got near FOUR THOUSAND DOLLARS, you can “find your space and harmony” in the small-size version (“HARMONY” should be spelled “HARMONEY” instead).

Human Bird Nest1

Where the Hell is the furniture in that place? It’s barren!  No pictures on the walls, empty shelves and just a mattress laying on the floor in the bedroom. Not even any rugs on the floor! Just some pissy chandeliers and landlord white paint. Guess they spent all their cash on that ridiculous bird’s nest!

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