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Bystanders laugh as a girl, obviously high on drugs, flips out in public. Making matters worse are a couple of idiots following her around with their cell phones aimed, filming her every outrageous move.

SICK AND DISTURBING Tumblr Meth “Dope Blogs”

SLOB LET HIM MARK HER UP Bloggers on Tumblr brazenly post photos and videos of meth smokers.  Some of the links are vomit-worthy nasty x-rated satan-worshiping shit as they get high after using needles or inhaling cocaine or methamphetamine clouds as a prelude to filthy sex acts they film… all for your entertainment pleasure.  Little [...]

Perhaps Crazier Than Lindsay Lohan?

UPDATE: Read her note to you all here. GET A LOAD OF THAT RATTY WIG! My word, this is one freaky chick whose antics are under lurid media scrutiny.  Apparently she has a yen for STRONG weed and has been acting weird all over the place attracting cops in New York on her tail.  She [...]

Don Partys: People Doing Drugs (SICK TUMBLR)

Tumblr’s DonParTyz is fascinated by creepy guys sticking needles in their arms, smoking illegal drugs that contain Draino, along with the obligatory disgusting sex acts.  [Source] See article, How Adult Tumblrs Could Land Yahoo in a Legal Pinch. Shared from donpartyz using Embeddlr download/iPhone

The Weirdos of San Francisco

A “naked, spitting, pissing dude” shuts down SF’s rapid transit train with his bizarre antics. Coppers are called to the scene of some nut naked in Dolores Park park doing yoga. In another shocking scene, a man with his guts hanging out FROM BEING STABBED runs around naked, inciting histrionics of bystanders.

Homeless Reno Meth Addict Gets Life in Prison for Murdering Woman Who Took Him In

Joe Nathan Scott, 38 was sentenced to life in prison for the murder of 58-year-old Tanjernia Whitfield on Sept. 2, 2012.  Scott thought Whitfield was a “demon” while he was high on meth for three weeks.  He stabbed her in the chest twice and in her neck.  She struggled to live for one month in [...]

Weird Chick at Walmart Tripping Out on Meth (VIDEO)

Get a load of the druggy chick flipping out in an aisle at Walmart. [YouTube removed it, but here’s a massive list of links to it elsewhere.

Naked Bath Salt Sniffer Terrorizes the Highways of Sacramento, CA

Whacked out freak show running around on the freeway leaps on top of the hood of a cop car.

Crazy Meth Fiend Gets Buzz Cut While Giving Head (ADULT, NSFW)

In the bizarre hair-cutting fetish video below, two guys share a meth pipe and then, after getting sufficiently high and horny, one gets his hair buzzed off as he gives oral to the other guy who does the shaving (apparently for sexual gratification).  This comes from the blog, Constant Cock Cravings, which has similar drug [...]

Time To Put Away The Dope Pipe

Sitting around catching too many “clouds” of pungent medical marijuana, eh?