Gay Satanism on the Rise on the Internet

Our Sick WorldThe image below is the logo of the Gay Satanic Luciferian Gay Community as displayed on its Facebook site.   It is an evil inverted pentagram (used in Satanic worship spells) at top with the gay flag colors below it.  A most evil thing signifying Gay Satanists and The Brotherhood of Baphomet, which is described as “a gay male brotherhood.”  There are many more Facebook pages by gays worshiping Satan, as well as tens of thousands on Tumblr.  See Letters to the Devil, a message exchange.  All of this of which is most disturbing and repulsive.


But one wonders the true intent of these sites about gays and Satan.  Could they be made up by gay haters with an agenda to smear the gay community making gays out to be immoral devil worshipers?

Gay Satanist found on a gay Satan worship blog.
Gay Satanist found on a gay Satan worship blog.

“I was reading your blog and masturbating. I then followed your link to the Morezhail audio clips. Head phones on. I masturbated to the clip sspig-worship-fuck-masturbate-cum. My Master I went into a deep trance. I even saw an image of Lord Satan in my mind. I had the most intense orgasm of my life. My cum shot over my head and all over me. FUCK!! Everyone must listen!!”

Writes a mental deficient on the “Satanic Adoration of the Phallus” Tumblr blog, praising sound files of Satan on The Satanic Altar site, which posts prayers to Satan and displays filthy images of gay men worshiping penises for The Devil and desecrating churches with gays engaged in sodomy sex inside them.  Many Satanist sites proudly display their personal Satanic altars, such as this one.

“I completely support and encourage sodomizing for Satan and forcibly penetrating one’s asshole, shitbox, anal cunt for one’s own gratification, usually resulting in the ejaculation into the receiver’s rectal cavity. Nothing feels greater than forcing the cock into a resistant ass.”  [Source: Satanic Gay Sex Group on Tribe]

Gay For Satan Tattoo OR “Hell is Hot Right Now”

Gay For Satan Tattoo

Fooling Around With The Unknown — Not a Smart Idea, Stupid

Satanic Altar3
Satanic Altar “taken with my iPhone” fool writes.