Xmas Shopping Tip: Psychedelic Cat Sweater

Cat sweater with a “strangely hypnotic design” can be all yours for $64 clams.  Order now, before the Christmas shopping rush begins!  Order here.

psychedelic cat sweater
Click to be hypnotized by the psychedelic cat.

Lost 1933 “Three Stooges” Color Short Discovered in Shed

“Hello, Pop!,” a 17-minute technicolor short made for MGM in 1933 featuring the Three Stooges alongside their creator, Ted Healy, was the only Three Stooges film thought not to have survived, after MGM’s negative was destroyed in a vault fire in 1967 — until now — when a negative of the film was discovered in a garden shed in Australia.

Hello Pop
Image from the two-color short “Hello Pop!” (1933) that was considered lost in a fire, but the film’s negative found in a backyard garden shed.

Creepy British Guy Scrapes Badger Off Road, Makes Roadkill Stew Out of It

Arthur Boyt enjoys making stew out of disgusting creatures he finds squashed dead on the road.

Badger Stew
The skull of the badger roadkill in Boyt’s stew pot.

The Last Man on Earth: The First Zombie Apocalypse Film (VIDEO)

TCM_SPOOKLIGHTIn celebration of Halloween’s arrival in a few weeks, we will spotlight some cult classic horror and sci-fi films you might enjoy knowing about.  Also, don’t forget that the Turner Classic Movies (TCM.COM) channel will be running a slew of good horror movies every Friday starting October 4, 2013, called “Friday Spooklight.”


Many consider George Romero’s zombie cult classic “Night of the Living Dead” (1968) to be the first zombie apocalypse movie (where zombies wander out of control eating the flesh of humans), but that is not true — the first zombie apocalypse film that served as the inspiration for “Night of the Living Dead” was writer Richard Matheson’s “The Last Man on Earth” starring Vincent Price, filmed in 1964 — four years before “Night of the Living Dead.” 

Embedded below is the 1964 Vincent Price film in its entirety, which was restored and enhanced in 2008.  The restoration DVD — featuring much more interesting stuff about this film —  can be ordered on Amazon.com.

The Price film was later remade in 1973 as “The Omega Man,” starring Charlton Heston (1973). And remade again in 2007 as “I Am Legend” (the true title to Richard Matheson‘s original story) starring Will Smith.  All three of these films were well-written and have become cult classics in the zombie apocalypse film genre since their release. Richard Matheson wrote many “Twilight Zone” episodes, as well as for other television shows in his heyday.  Matheson and Zone’s Rod Serling are considered television’s great suspense writers.

FILM NOIR: “Desert Escape”

Bill Carver and his traveling pal, Wolf.

“Desert Escape” (also named “Marked Men”) is a very good low-budget movie made by PRC studios (known in the business by actors as “poverty row” for the studio’s reputation of producing fast low-budget films on the cheap). PRC came out with many “film noir” gems in the 1940s such as this one. The story is about Bill Carver, a young medical-school graduate, who was wrongly confined in prison.  He escapes and hitchhikes the dry, dusty southern states for months on foot.  While camping in the desert, Carver is befriended by a wounded dog who he names Wolf.  In their travels, Carver and Wolf happen upon a small Arizona desert town where Carver finds work, a nice place to stay, friends and romance. This classic “film noir” movie can also be seen on The Internet Archive, where a high-res copy is available for download.  If you like good old movies, this one’s for you.

Cher Haunted by the Ghost of Sonny Bono

Cher says Sonny’s prankster ghost turns her chandelier on to remind her of his spirit.  She says she prefers the company of ghosts to people.

Cher with Sonny Bono, whose ghost is haunting her.

She Sings Songs Given to Her By Ghosts

Jenifer Whisper claims the spirits of dead celebrities are giving her songs to sing.

Below she sings a song channeled to her by dead singer/actress Judy Garland (died 1969) (Dorothy of “The Wizard of Oz”), co-authored in the great beyond by famous songwriter George Gershwin (died 1937). Listen to more songs by the spirits performed by Jenifer on her YouTube channel.

Prepare to Cover Your Ears and Scream Expletives

9.7 Earthquake Predicted to Hit West Coast October 3

Z3 News says:  “Three independent sources have claimed God told them a massive earthquake will hit the West Coast this coming Thursday, Oct.3, 2013.  According to these sources, the Golden Gate Bridge will be broken in half by the tsunami. The remains of the bridge will be moved into a vertical position. The San Francisco valley will be flooded with water.”

The dude in the video below says his mom has been having dreams of earthquake death and destruction, which he follows up with a prayer for the victims.

Florida Man Tries to Pay Water Bill with Crack

ApeshitApeshit ensued after man slipped an envelope with three crack rocks in it to a Florida Water Dept. employee in payment of his water bill — then water department office officials went nuts and evacuated the facility and a team of cops wearing HAZMAT SUITS were called in.  Now a statewide MANHUNT is underway to find the man who paid with crack.

crack payment
(Actor/models act out the crack payment encounter.)

The Devil Warns American Patriots His Takeover Plan is Almost Complete

YouTube’s resident Devil issues a final warning to American patriots that the destruction of America is near complete.  An exercise in how not taking your meds can make you paranoid and politics obsessive.

“Weird Minds” in Penis-Hating Town Offended by New Traffic Posts


New traffic deflectors (called “bollards”) has town residents all in a moral tizzy because they resemble the almighty penis and they want the offending bollards’ domed tops lopped off.

“People need to get their minds out of the gutter,” Carnegie manager Steve Beuter said of the remarks about the bollards.  Keep Reading….