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Chinese Man Inflates Four Tires with His Nose (VIDEO)

Mulder’s World newsflash! Man with strong nostrils actually inflates tires. It’s the real deal, too!


She Sings Songs Given to Her By Ghosts

Jenifer Whisper claims the spirits of dead celebrities are giving her songs to sing.

Below she sings a song channeled to her by dead singer/actress Judy Garland (died 1969) (Dorothy of “The Wizard of Oz”), co-authored in the great beyond by famous songwriter George Gershwin (died 1937). Listen to more songs by the spirits performed by Jenifer on her YouTube channel.

Prepare to Cover Your Ears and Scream Expletives

FREAK SHOW: Justin Bieber Pisses in Bucket, Apologizes to Bill Clinton

ApeshitSlow news day apeshit ensues by the moral police at TMZ (ha-ha) over an OLD video from January (oddly enough just getting news attention now) of Justin Bieber pissing in a mop bucket on his way out of a nightclub’s kitchen.  To make matters even more morally reprehensible, Bieber stopped again to spray a photo of Bill Clinton with disinfectant cleaner while declaring, “Fuck Bill Clinton!”

UPDATE: Under pressure from the news media, Justin Bieber Apologized to Bill Clinton yesterday for his oh-so-awful deed of SEVEN months ago.

Bieber's apology to Bill Clinton for his potty mouth.
Bieber’s apology to Bill Clinton for his revolting declaration.
Presidential-spermed blue dress.
Presidential-spermed blue dress.

WTF is Bieber mad at Bill Clinton for?  He wasn’t even born when Clinton was president!  Could Bieber have a revulsion to the historic photo of Monica Lewdinski’s cum-stained blue dress that in all the history books?

11th Commandment: Thou Shalt Not Piss in a Mop Bucket for Ye Shall Suffer TMZ’s Moral Wrath

Justin Bieber Pisses Into Restaurant Mop Bucket — ‘F*** Bill Clinton!’
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“Empire of the Black God” Desires to Enslave Justin Bieber

The Superior Black Race yearns to enslave Justin Bieber:

“There is no such thing as a celebrity white male it is a slave that may have entertainment value for the SUPERIOR BLACK RACE but it is only a slave and will be treated as such…”


“It’s Just Me Doing Crazy Stuff”

FREAK SHOW: Girl having an apparent mental breakdown because she doesn’t have a boyfriend decides to film herself “doing crazy stuff” for the men in the white jackets carrying a big net who will come for her.  She smears her face with make-up, throws water all over herself, and strikes a hideous model pose while repeating, “do you like me now?”

More Mental Hospitals

It would seem this chick could use a hot young dorm room stud to quell her whacked out vaginal needs.


‘Horrible’ Hotel Review by Woman Trapped at Furry Convention

angrywoman_thumbA moral, saintly, God-fearing mother attending her virginal daughter’s cheer-leading group at a hotel in Dallas, Texas (a city notable for the slaughter of President Kennedy), unwittingly got stuck in the midst of the sexually perverted Furry Convention going on at the same time and wrote a bad online review for the hotel.

“These “people” if I can call them that, were doing unspeakable things outside on the hallways and in their rooms with their doors open. I got into an argument and almost a physical confrontation with two of them because they screamed at a kid that was speaking loudly in the hallway, as they were walking by him, and insulted him with major profanity… this was a 10 year old, folks. Lucky for this kid, my good friend’s kid, I came out of my room at the same exact time as they walked by him and confronted them. On another instance, three of these “people” had very dirty and awful comments for a couple of our 6 year old girls. The comments to myself and the girls’ parents were offensive and almost turned things violent as the fathers weren’t exactly too happy with them.”  Continue Reading this creepy experience…

Furry fetishists dress up in animal costumes to have sex.
Furry fetishists dress up in animal costumes to have sex.  Don’t ask.

“Ex-Gay” Porno Star Says “The Devil Loves Anal Sex” (VIDEO)

A self-described “ex-gay porn star” says that anal sex “releases demonic entities.” He says he made his last movie in 1999.

See his sicko website.

The Most Disgusting, Degrading Swill Yet on the Internet

Strt8ThugMasterListen to the dirty mouth on this “dom” strt8 thug punk who degrades his pig slave by slapping his face, spitting in his mouth and orders him to sniff his vile, farting butt.  And then he made his slave do this vulgar act (NSFW) afterwards, as seen on his website that contains the most disgusting, degrading acts of cesspool swill ever conceived by mankind’s sick mind.  Donate money to him today.