FILM NOIR: “Desert Escape”

Bill Carver and his traveling pal, Wolf.

“Desert Escape” (also named “Marked Men”) is a very good low-budget movie made by PRC studios (known in the business by actors as “poverty row” for the studio’s reputation of producing fast low-budget films on the cheap). PRC came out with many “film noir” gems in the 1940s such as this one. The story is about Bill Carver, a young medical-school graduate, who was wrongly confined in prison.  He escapes and hitchhikes the dry, dusty southern states for months on foot.  While camping in the desert, Carver is befriended by a wounded dog who he names Wolf.  In their travels, Carver and Wolf happen upon a small Arizona desert town where Carver finds work, a nice place to stay, friends and romance. This classic “film noir” movie can also be seen on The Internet Archive, where a high-res copy is available for download.  If you like good old movies, this one’s for you.

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