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Town Erects Bronze Statue of Soccer Star Ronaldo with a Big, Bulging Crotch

Soccer great Cristiano Ronaldo is honored by his home town in Portugal with a statue in his likeness, including his much-sought-after BIG PENIS jutting out, an area of the statue that women and men will certainly yearn to touch and rub with their hands for years to come!  Just another example of the awe and […]

Trippy Tilt-Shift Art

Weird Photoshop “tilt-shift” effect done on 16 famous Van Gogh paintings by art student.

The World’s Worst Stuffed Animals (PHOTOS)

When creepy taxidermists get “creative.”

Living Inside a Giant Naked Woman in Tijuana

Sculptor Armando Garcia and his wife live inside a giant, 5-story sculpture of a naked woman in Tijuana, Mexico. Their bedroom is located in the statue’s breasts, the study in her head, the kitchen in her belly, and the bathroom, appropriately, in her behind.  Look at all these photos of the statue!

Artist Squirts Paint Out of His Eye Onto Canvas

Watercolor artist Leandro Granato creates his works by snorting up paint and squirting it out of his eyes.

Because Everyone’s Obsessed with Penis, Penis, PENIS Every Minute Every Hour Every Day…

EVERY FRIGGEN DAY I am ambushed by references to the penis in weird news stories, pictures and videos as I surf the Web searching for oddball stuff to add to our little –heh-heh– repository of fringe here.  The water color below of news reporter Anderson Cooper is indicative of the twisted extent this obsession with […]

Artist Builds Castle in Florida (VIDEO)

Artist Howard Solomon built his very own castle in Florida.  According to Daily Mail, it took Solomon 12 years to build the castle, which has a drawbridge, moat and dungeon! See his website at SolomonCastle.org for more.

SHOPPING: “Evil Pawn Jewelry”

Stumped on what to get that strange person in your universe? Evil Pawn Jewelry (Facebook and Official Website) sells disturbing jewelry in the form of SKULLS, accursed gemstones (black Onwx brings bad luck and death) and dead objects (rat mice skull ring, serpent chains) that your beloved friend or family member may shriek with joy […]

Headstands Across America

Over the last 2 years, photographer Alex has been taking pictures of himself standing on his head in unusual places all across America, adding the pictures to his “Headstands” portfolio.

Buses in Spain Have Gardens on their Roofs (VIDEO)

Buses trucking around Barcelona, Spain have living gardens on their roofs that shock and awe tourists to no end.