Daily Archives: May 26th, 2013

Reporters Find Flies in Drinks at Crazy Amy’s Baking Company

Freakshow Amy and her husband Sammy continue to be scrutinized by their customers who are going there to give the couple a hard time. LOL “Never mind the slow, inexperienced staff, the tense atmosphere in the restaurant and the empty tables which made me wonder where the publicized 1,000 reservations were on a Friday night, [...]

Sick 13-Year-Old’s Note to Neighbor

It’s a sure bet in 10 years he’ll be driving a window-less van around with “free candy” sprayed on the side.

Strange Korean Guy Loves His Food

Turn your sound up to hear the most disturbing insane laugh ever recorded.

VIDEO: Cat Nurses Baby Ducklings

Mother cat filmed allowing baby ducklings to nurse its teat. KINDA CREEPY…

Don Partys: People Doing Drugs (SICK TUMBLR)

Tumblr’s DonParTyz is fascinated by creepy guys sticking needles in their arms, smoking illegal drugs that contain Draino, along with the obligatory disgusting sex acts.  [Source] See article, How Adult Tumblrs Could Land Yahoo in a Legal Pinch. Shared from donpartyz using Embeddlr download/iPhone

WTF? EIGHT MEN at Abortion Rights Hearing — NO WOMEN

Why are there no women at a House of Representatives hearing regarding a proposed nationwide 20-week ban on abortion? Our Upside-Down System of Injustice GET THOSE MEN OUT OF THERE

Mean Penis-Possessed Woman Keys Car with Giant Penis

FLORIDA — Natasha Myers, apparently preoccupied with the male penis, keyed some guy’s car because he didn’t stop for pedestrians. So in her form of justice, she keyed the side and hood of the car, drawing a large penis on the vehicle’s hood. She left a note on the car as well, telling the owner [...]

Post-Apocalyptic COMEDY: “This is the End”

“This is the End” is the first “post-apocalyptic comedy” (huh?) where six guy friends get together as the end of the world happens.  An interesting premise if you can find humor in the apocalypse!  Despite the doomsday theme, it looks like a fun little comedy to see when it’s released on June 12, 2013.  See [...]