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EMT Let Woman Die Because She Was On Her Coffee Break

Another tidbit from our backwards, upside-down world where injustice IS justice for the entitled. “Ms. Rennix did die that day there on the floor in the rear locker room of Au Bon Pain, and the defendant had her coffee.” A Brooklyn, New York EMT who callously refused to help a dying pregnant woman because she [...]

Pepper-Sprayed in Brazil

Justice Brazilian style.  Look at her pepper-sprayed, absolutely SOAKED FACE.  Stop making at country filthy rich by boycotting tourism there. SHE SHOULD HAVE KICKED THAT SON-OF-A-BITCH IN THE BALLS FOR THAT!

WTF? EIGHT MEN at Abortion Rights Hearing — NO WOMEN

Why are there no women at a House of Representatives hearing regarding a proposed nationwide 20-week ban on abortion? Our Upside-Down System of Injustice GET THOSE MEN OUT OF THERE

Man Gets Arrested For Not Letting Cop Smell His Iced Tea (VIDEO)

Cop hassles some guy carrying an Arizona brand iced tea and arrests him for not letting him smell it for booze.

Man Kicked Off Southwest Flight for Being Fat

“YOU ALL IS NASTY!” Matthew Harper, who weighs 340 pounds, told media that he ”felt like a criminal” when a Southwest official reportedly demanded he get off the plane.  Apparently Southwest airlines has a “customer of size” and tried to enforce it because he takes up two seats and they were gonna get screwed for losing money [...]

Man Lifts Baby Manatee Out of the Water; Posts Photos on Facebook; Gets Arrested (Photos)

FACEBOOK SNITCH  — A CREEP came across some innocent photos of a man and his children admiring a fish at the beach and snitched him out to the cops who say the Florida Fish and Wildlife consider this as harassment of manatees!  Can you believe this ridiculous nonsense? Thus, thanks to some Facebook asshole drooling [...]

Hotel Gives Media Video of Man’s Room Lock-Out Accident

A man who simply put his dinner tray into the hall while undressed got locked out. The hotel he was staying at thought his embarrassing accident was so funny, so in a low-class bad business move they decided to give their spy camera video of him naked to the news media. DUDE, SUE THE HOTEL

Help This Disabled Vet Prevent Colorado from Killing His Dog! A Matter of Life and Death!

Another stupid incident from our backwards, upside-down world where injustice is justice! THIS IS A TRAVESTY OF JUSTICE! AND MUST NOT BE ALLOWED! A disabled vet is asking for the public’s help to save his dog who was defending himself from harm by a vicious former owner who beat the animal with a steel pipe.  [...]

Woman in Jail for Muttering “F–k This S–T” After Court System Gave Her the Runaround

A woman who is a professional, has a master’s degree in social work, and no prior criminal record, was put in jail by a Michigan judge (who was charged for crimes against humanity) for contempt for muttering “fuck this shit” to herself while she was annoyed by the usual bureaucratic red tape in a court [...]

The Man Who Smelled Too Much

Article about a homeless guy who got evicted for smelling bad.