Man Lifts Baby Manatee Out of the Water; Posts Photos on Facebook; Gets Arrested (Photos)

Injustice ServedFACEBOOK SNITCH  — A CREEP came across some innocent photos of a man and his children admiring a fish at the beach and snitched him out to the cops who say the Florida Fish and Wildlife consider this as harassment of manatees!  Can you believe this ridiculous nonsense?

florida sucksThus, thanks to some Facebook asshole drooling for attention, the man was ARRESTED — which has caused him and his family a lot of unnecessary trouble — including costing taxpayers a lot of wasted bureaucratic red tape money to process as well.   The state of Florida will shake him down for $500 bucks and 60 days in jail over this bullshit.

One thing I can’t stand is a goddamn tattletale snitch.  In my day, snitches got beat up after school for causing trouble.  Today, in our upside down, backwards world, they get notoriety online as so-called “whistle-blowers” and rewarded with lavish news media attention.


Mannatee Lift
Yes, this innocent family photo caused a bunch of trouble for the family, thanks to a goddamn Internet snitch with no life.

And to think some fool had the audacity to get the state of Florida tattooed on his face.

Florida Face Tattoo

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