Daily Archives: May 10th, 2013

Good Use for Gut Fat

She screams at him: “You little pussy!” as she breaks his back with fat. Classy.

“Gatsby” Getting Rotten Reviews

All the advertising hype on TV about the new “Great Gatsby” movie hasn’t impressed top movie critics (scroll page down past photos and trailers icons to see) who’ve already viewed the lavish, over-expensive film.  Except for the New York Post who begs you to ignore the critics and go see it, saying there is a [...]


Mother’s Day Special!  Pervy Danny Jock interviews a married whore (husband in jail) and mother of three girls, who screws men for household money. She says she “enjoys it” because of the men’s compliments of her sex pussy. During the interview she takes a call from a trick, tells the interviewer the first thing she [...]


A stalker fan named “Frankie” sent us this charming photo of her at lunch time with comment “thinking of us”… a pic we think her boss might love to see too!  LOL

Church for Jerks Opens

Pastor Mark Hanson has created a church for jerks in Yorba Linda, California. “I want pure jerks — the guy who cuts in and out of traffic on the highway, the guy who knows everything at the party, the guy who’s upset about politics, the guy who doesn’t know when to stick a sock in [...]

Plot Hints for “Dawn of the Planet of the Apes” Film

Some story elements revealed as the latest Apes movie is being filmed that fans of this genre might like.

One More Reason Why We Need a Mental Hospital in Every City Across the U.S.

This Town Mayor Make Me Horny

Hero of the Month A deluge of snow on May 2, 2013 did not prevent Mayor Roger Fritz from performing his scheduled lawn mowing. Despite freezing weather, Mayor Fritz also wore shorts, tennis shoes and a flimsy t-shirt for his yardwork task. See the video of Mayor Fritz YouTube Channel.

Reactions to “Meet a Muslim” Sign

April 24 video: Young men hold a sign saying “Meet a Muslim Person” in public to see how people react. Here’s one reaction — by a former soldier who told them “I don’t need to meet them… I killed them when I was in the Army” and then gave the youngsters the gratuitous middle-finger good-bye:

They Stopped Making Radioactive Suppositories, Darn It

Delightful products containing radium — such as wool, lipstick, hand cleaner, toothpaste — and many more radioactive products from The Good Old Days are affectionately memorialized. Imagine the deep, throbbing sensation of a radioactive suppository up your ying-yang?!  That’s kill those pesky hemorrhoids!