Daily Archives: May 13th, 2013

VERY DISTURBING… Glacier-Like Ice Tsunami Destroys Houses

Ice sheet creeps ashore on Minnesota lake onto houses, busts doors and windows open and goes into homes! MUST SEE!

Some Of the Most Hair Raising Photos You’ve Ever Seen

GhostTheory.com writes:  “The following pictorial is a gallery of nothing but (alleged) ghosts. Yes, you may have seen some of them and of course, a couple have been maligned as being hoaxes, but there are plenty which are unexplained to this day.”

RAW VIDEO: OJ Simpson in Nevada Court Today

Cocky Simpson walks into courtroom cuffed and grinning.  Apparently he loves PRISON FOOD.

Trashy Way to Treat a Billiard Room

Tasteless slobs stuff junk underneath a perfectly good pool table and actually used the photos in their attempt to sell their home, instead of cleaning the mess up (from the fun site, Ugly House Photos). SLOBS

Drunk Date Sex Sends Girl to Hospital With Ripped Vaginal Walls

A Redditor shared his story of a first date with some chick, which ended with rough, drunken sex. Two days letter he’s taking her to the hospital to get stitches in her vagina, which was “bleeding profusely” from the sex. He posted an update here. “At the emergency room she’s seen by a number of [...]

The New “Ironside” Coming to NBC Fall 2013-2014 Season

Some of you old-timer baby boomers will remember the long-running Emmy-winning “Ironside” detective series Raymond Burr did after his “Perry Mason” stint was over in 1966, about a rough and tough wheelchair-bound former San Francisco chief of detectives, Robert T. Ironside, crippled by a sniper’s bullet.  After he recovered from the attack, Ironside became a [...]