Daily Archives: May 25th, 2013

VIDEO: Vicious Female Cop Filmed Beating BUM to Death with Baton

A vicious female cop beat an unarmed BUM 10 times with a baton as he laid helpless on the ground bleeding from his head.  Not only that, but bystanders and a PCS store goon also kicked and beat the harmless bum. “To Serve and Protect” MY ASS! Dirty Rats Treating Citizens Like This!  WTF? The [...]

Lidia’s Memorial Day Recipes

Italian chef Lidia Bastianich offers her homemade ketchup, stuffed hamburgers and German potato salad recipe on her daily blog for Memorial Day cooking festivities. See Lidia’s Facebook and Twitter accounts for more links to recipes and news.  She’s an excellent cook to watch on PBS — high in the ranks of legendary Julia “The French Chef” [...]

Waterslide in the Gutter

Kids make waterslide in the filthy gutter, which incites the laughter of an EVIL WOMAN filming the repulsive proceedings.

Memorial Day Weekend

Redwood tree campground — fresh air, the scent of cedar, bird song in the breeze…  Not so crowded like stinky beach. No stench of sunscreen wafting in the air from half nude cretins sashaying about.  Fishing stream nearby with clear mountain water.  No outlets for electronic devices to annoy.  JUST SILENCE all around.