Daily Archives: May 4th, 2013

There! I Fixed It!

Wasteful, Bullshit Study of the Month

A “beard study” claims men’s heavy facial stubble makes women horny. In truth, men with facial hair stubble look like greasy, grubby slobs with no class. Shave your goddamn face in the morning, you lazy, low-class slobs. This is the 21st century, not the middle ages.

Diapers for Chickens

Pamper your pet poultry with Chicken Diapers, from the concerned folks at MyPetChicken.com. Read all about how some chicken fanatics are getting filthy rich off diapering chickens.

Apeshit in Colorado Over “Offensive” Gun Control Billboard

Gun nuts who think the gov’t wants to take away their firearm rights erect several billboards in Colorado using American Indians to draw their point home.

LOW-CLASS WEEKEND MUSIC FEST: “Eatin’ Pussy and Kickin’ Ass”

This weekend’s tasteless low-brow redneck musical submission.  Fire up the smoker and stuff that pig’s mouth with an apple, y’all.

Creepy Crafts for Sale

We gape in awe at 20 Creepy Things You Can Find on Etsy, especially the sexy glow-in-the-dark Intestine Earrings for only $18.00. .

Tasteless Jet Engine Art

Florida — An old lady throws paint on a canvas and has a jet engine blow it all over the canvas and she calls this mess “art.”

Nutters Are Telling You To Eat Backyard Weeds to Save Money on Food

It’s a surefire bet that the authors of this piece on eating weeds have never eaten any themselves.