Daily Archives: May 8th, 2013

Big Boobed Wendy Williams Nude (Well Sort Of)

Top heavy gossip Wendy Williams poses for PETA. Nope, those huge breasts are covered with fake hair extensions.

Tazer-Happy Brute Cops Torture High School Student

Students cheer-on overzealous goon cops as they taze and mace a high school student who was involved in a fight.  Watch as the kid falls to the dirt in exquisite agony as cops electrocute and mace him into submission.  For good measure, one goon cop then punches the shit out of the kid’s back while [...]

BLOG: The Worst Rooms of New York City

Blogger trying to find a decent room to rent in cesspool of filth, New York City, has created a fun Tumblr photo blog of the over-priced dumps he’s looked at in his search called “The Worst Room,” which caught the attention of New York Magazine which did an interesting article on it.  You won’t believe [...]

Demon Possessed Wax Candle for Bids on eBay

Seller of a possessed wax item says: “…the heat from the flame seems to be drawing some kind of demon from a different dimension– and the candle is the portal. We don’t need possessed wax items in our home, so this is going to go to the highest bidder. We are storing it in a [...]

Art Critique Freak Out

The “freak out” or should we say “stomp out” doesn’t come until the very end of this tedious 2 minute video in which a snooty teacher (not seen) at an art class does an unkind critique of an angry student’s weird “abstract art” oil painting. [We jump-started it to the violence part.]

Brainwashed Kid Prays for Sinner Homosexuals to Repent

Christian child abuse, plain and simple, folks.  Watch this brainwashed-to-hate kid’s histrionics on stage praying for evil homosexuals to repent from their sinful ways that are apparently a big issue in his life — when he should be out playing with his friends and not involved in adult matters.  Crazy ass Jesus Camp made him [...]


Suckling sicko.

Charles Ramsey Interview a Viral Sensation

Charles Ramsey, the man who rescued three abducted girls, talks to media and has become the Web’s biggest viral video yet. The interview abruptly ends with Ramsey saying: “I knew something was wrong when a little, pretty white girl ran into a black man’s arms. Something is wrong here. Dead giveaway.”

Pool Tournament Interrupted by Loud Fart.

Somebody’s been eating nasty greasy food it would seem.

Paramedic Takes Photo of “Glowing-Eyed Humanoid Creature”

A Texas paramedic took to social media to describe his encounter with a “human sized” creature with luminous eyes “shuffling around the woods” near a CEMETERY on the outskirts of North Houston, Texas. “My partner woke me up and we stood outside for a while. I heard something moving around but I didn’t see anything. [...]