Daily Archives: May 16th, 2013

VIDEO: Guy Has Sex with Parked Motorcycle

Young guy on bicycyle stops, strips and humps someone’s parked motorcycle on a sidewalk, then rides off into the sunset. [Soure: Guyism]


Handbags Have More Bacteria Than Toilet Seat!

A new “study” has revealed shocking results: women’s purses are toxic breeding farms for bacteria — holding way more of the scourge than a toilet seat! This Week’s Germophobe Scare Story

Too Much Excess

You only need two eggs at most.  No wonder millions are obese and diagnosed with diabetes.  Crazy so-called “chefs” are creating crappy, unhealthy food for attention. YOU ARE BEING POISONED WITH FAT BY EVIL STUPIDS. PIGGERY

Someone Actually Paid $48.8 Million Bucks for THIS

Amazing how, in this time of recession, with half the country out of work and in debt, rampant home foreclosures, nearly 50 million on food stamps — and yet here is someone with money to throw away on a painting that looks like a child’s doodle drawing. That $48.8 million could have done so much [...]